1. Why is it more effective to use Strategic Success rather than attending the trade shows?

After meeting with over 1,000 companies within ASEAN region since we have been established, the most common statement we received was that companies have difficulties in identifying high quality contacts from attending trade shows. We will provide you with a pin-point approach according to your criterion of target groups and assist in identifying the right companies (key relationship) and the right contact people and begin the discussion process.

2. Why should we use Strategic Success when we already have our own export development team?

Most clients hire us because it is a new project area or a key project that they would like to focus on but their staff do not have the knowledge or capability to do so in a particular market.

3. How can you help us?

An initial discussion will be needed as we would need to understand what our client objective are and what they want to accomplish. The first step is to analyze whether we can assist or not, and what are the ways we can assist. Recommendations are usually provided prior to the conclusion of the initial meeting.

4. You are not in our industry, how can you assist?

We work on project fee basis, you’ll know exactly what it will cost very early in the discussion process.

5. Do you charge fee?

We assist all industries. Our methods and systems work in all industries, though, we do make adjustments depending on the industry and depending on the target country.

6. Do you guarantee results?

We guarantee key activities and action steps that provide the opportunities for success.

7. How long is the project?

It can be anywhere from 8 weeks minimum.

8. Can Strategic Success work with small companies as well?

Yes, we can. Our clients range from SMEs to large multinational corporations.