How Do We Work?

We will come to have a face to face introductory meeting to understand your objectives, capabilities and goals. A brief needs analysis is performed and recommendations are usually made on the spot.

Customize a proposal according to your needs and requirements, and have a proposal meeting, must be in person only. If the project moves forward, we then would need 2-3 hours of training about your company products and service prior to the beginning of our work.

Research & Market Analysis

Market research to help our client to understand more about their potential customers, to identify opportunities to grow and increase profit, recognize and plan for industry and economic shifts and monitor the competition in your market. All these information are useful for our clients to mitigate risk in their business decisions.

Are you struggling in developing a marketing plan for your company? Not sure who is your target customer? Having problem to reach your potential customers? Are you looking to retain your customers to repeatedly buy from you? Strategic Success can assist our clients to customize a marketing plan suitable for your company.

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Market entry and expansion/Export Development

No matter our client is looking to enter new market or expand presence in a market, we can help! Strategic Success assist our client to investigate the potential buyers, partner selection (distributor, agents, importers, direct customers or brand owners) and competitors for our clients. Our objective is to identify and communicate to potential customers such as brand owner, distributors and/or importers within the market you have had success or look to penetrate new market. We assist our client to identify the decision maker. -Recruitment talent is essential to every industry. Strategic Success assist our client to recruit the right person, in the country you looking to enter. We also assist our client to recruit key personnel such as Export Manager, Marketing Executives or Marketing Manager in the market they want to have presence.

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Social Media

Looking for ways to gain traffic or attention through social media sites? Do you need help getting started with your social media marketing strategy? Strategic Success can come and talk to you on how to attract new customers and grow your business via social media. If your business isn't active on social networking sites, now is the time to start. Let us show you how!

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Product Development

Successful products don’t often stay at the top for long. To stay competitive, you will need to keep up with trends in your market, emerging technology and refinements to existing products to ensure you have a steady flow of new products. Strategic Success has over 13 years of experience advising on and executing product development initiatives and processes. We assist our client in marketing, research, development, risk assessment, cost analyses, quality, regulatory compliance, launch preparation and commercialization. This can be executed on market by market basis.

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Intellectual Property (IP)

We work together with our strategic partner who specializing in the creation, protection and enforcement of intellectual properties rights worldwide, customized solutions relating to patents, trademarks, industrial design, copy rights, trade secrets and other forms of intellectual property assets. We turn your ideas into valuable business assets!

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